Tongariro Crossing Alpine Guide

hotoffer1Join a group tour this winter on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing for only $185.00 per person

You can do the Tongariro Crossing in winter, for your safety a guided trip is recommended. New Zealand is surrounded by water and the weather can change quite quickly. Alpine conditions can be extreme, particularly on the “Red Crater” ridge. We can have snow, ice, and often strong winds, sometimes in summer.

For a truly magical experience on a beautiful day you cannot beat the vista from Red Crater.
A guide with a ton of enthusiasm will accompany you over the crossing teaching you to use crampons, they will supply you with all the gear you need, including pants/jackets/over trousers. A group tour is $175.00 per person including transport,equipment and guide. A private tour is $249.00 per person (min two people)

You can have a guided tour all year round.