You can climb the summits of all three mountains in two days, Mt Tongariro and Mt Ngauruhoe and on the second day climb to the summit of Mt Ruapehu.  We can arrange a guide to accompany you on your quest to three summits in two days.

Mt Tongariro-Summit 1967m

summit of mountains webYou can do climb to the Mt Tongariro summit as part of the Northern Circuit or the Tongariro Alpine Crossing it will take you 1-2 hours return form near the top of Red Crater.

Follow a poled route to the summit of Tongariro. The route is along an undulating rocky ridge, gaining less than 100 m in altitude you will get some fantastic views of Mt Ruapehu and Mt Ngauruhoe.
Mt Ngauruhoe - summit 2287m
You can climb to the summit of Mt Ngauruhoe a poled route leads from Mangatepopo road end (this can also be done part of the Tongariro Crossing).
At the saddle between Ngauruhoe and Tongariro the route is not marked but climb up the old lava flow. (Be aware of the falling rocks dislodged by other climbers) Avoid entering the inner crater area, where volcanic fumaroles may emit overpowering gases.
Descend via the red scoria, then on the loose scree to either side of the ridge.The climb should not be undertaken in winter without mountaineering experience and equipment or an experienced guide. Icy slopes can make this climb extremely ngauruhoe

Mt Ngauruhoe was digitally transformed to create the fiery Mt Doom in the Lord of the Rings Films. see Lord of the Rings locations Ruapehu.
In Maori legend, the high priest, Ngatoroirangi was caught in a blizzard while climbing Mount Ngauruhoe. He prayed to his sisters in Hawaiki to send him fire to save him from freezing. The flames they sent south emerged first at White Island, then Rotorua and Taupo before finally bursting at Ngatoroirangi's feet. Thus Ngatoroirangi is credited with bringing volcanic activity to Aotearoa New Zealand not as a curse upon the land, but as a blessing.
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Mt Ruapehu-summit 2672m

crater lake mt ruapehu webThis is a 5 hour 7km climb via the same route, you take the whakapapa ski chairlift and you start this climb from at the knoll ridge. If you do not take the chairlift it is a 7 hour 10km climb.The Crater Lake is below the summit of Ruapehu and the lake disappeared during the eruptions of Mt Ruapehu in 1995/96 and after an eruption in 2007.The alpine environment is renowned for extremely changeable weather. This climb is not recommended in winter without mountaineering experience and equipment.This is not a marked route and it is recommended you go with a guided group to the crater lake.


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